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Equine Health is dedicated to those involved in the care, treatment and general well-being of horses such as veterinary surgeons, grooms, farriers, physiotherapists, equine dental technicians, breeders and professional riders.

Every other month Equine health delivers readers with:

Here is what some of our readers have to say about Equine Health:

"Equine Health is a beautifully presented, broadly based magazine that informs, challenges and interests anyone with an equine interest. It carries regular articles on matters relating to equine health and disease and it is not frightened of challenging dogma and discussing controversial issues. It is easy to read and always informative. It is only through information delivery that we can all develop in our careers and Equine Health is a really refreshing addition to the equine literature".

- Professor Derek Knottenbelt

"The welfare and health of horses are inextricably linked and Equine Health is a valuable resource to help keep everyone up-to-date on how to keep horses healthy. Horses face so many health and welfare challenges, even in 'caring' homes, so I would encourage anyone who owns or is responsible for a horse to read this informative magazine."

- Roly Owers - Chief Executive, World Horse Welfare

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